Proven oven & BBQ cleaning with a guaranteed outcome

Oven cleaner disassembling the ovenNeed oven or BBQ cleaning in Melbourne? Our professional oven cleaning team won’t let you down. Rely on the Melbourne Housekeeper’s local cleaners near you!

Our prices are fair and we’re committed to providing you with a high-quality oven cleaning service. Melbourne Housekeepers reward you with:

  • Oven cleaning which increases the life of your appliance and decreases energy consumption
  • Ovens can be used straight after cleaning – no unpleasant odours
  • Your food will taste better and you’ll have more free time on your hands

Our oven cleaning process explained

Oven + general cleaning offer

Oven + general cleaning offerOver the years we have perfected our 7-step oven cleaning process, which doesn’t include caustic and harsh detergents but accomplishes the same results using nature-friendly cleaning products. Here is the process which helps us provide healthy ovens, barbecues, extractors and hobs:

Pre-inspection + Preparation
Before the technicians start cleaning your oven or BBQ, they will conduct a pre-inspection with you. This will give the cleaners a chance to see the overall condition of the oven and provide expert advice. Every oven cleaning session can be potentially messy, so they ensure all the surroundings are well-covered and protected.
Remove the oven doors + racks
If the model of the oven allows it, they remove the doors, so the technicians can have full access to the inside part and provide a more thorough oven cleaning. The cleaning team will also remove all the racks and liners from the oven, so they can put them in a dip tank, where they will be cleaned more precisely. Once all the removable parts are cleaned, the technicians will also take care of the inside and outside oven surfaces.
Reassembly, function check, and customer inspection
After all the oven parts are fully cleaned, it’s time to reassemble the oven and check if all the functions are working correctly. Once the oven cleaner’s work is completed, you will be invited to inspect it and make sure that you are satisfied with the service. Have in mind that even after the oven cleaner leaves, you are still covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you’re not pleased with our work, you can give us a call and we will arrange a re-cleaning on us!

Let us do that dirty job for you – use our oven cleaning services

Detailed oven and barbecue cleaning

Except for the meticulous oven cleaning process, we also provide many other special perks, which make us the most desirable oven cleaning company around. For instance:

  • We provide customer support over the phone and via chat
  • We provide local cleaning services near you 7 days a week, without extra payment for weekends and holidays
  • We are licensed by important Australian cleaning associations
  • All our oven cleaning detergents are nature, pet and child friendly
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