Gardeners Melbourne

Here’s how we’ll carry out our gardening and lawn mowing service for you. We’ll offer you a choice of 3 general types of service:

Local gardeners and landscapers

  • Basic gardening – includes lawn mowing, weeding, hedge and bush trimming, and tree care alongside garden tidy ups;
  • Professional garden maintenance – includes patio, deck cleaning, tree surgery, planting & removal, installing and fixing irrigation systems, etc;
  • Gardening with hourly rates – grass laying, turfing, stonework, levelling, stone work, and water feature installation;

Once you choose everything you need to be done in your garden, we’ll pay you a visit to inspect the premises and talk about your requirements and the budget.

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Why trust the gardening specialists?

Our completely trained and vetted gardeners and landscape architects perform even the simplest lawn mowing assignment with care and full attention to details. While other contractors may leave your outdoor property messy after they are done with their work, the gardeners hired by Melbourne Housekeepers make sure that your garden is in a perfect condition before leaving. We can assure you of that because we:

Wear Protective Gear & Use Clean Equipment
All gardeners are wearing the needed protective gloves and overshoes, which will allow them to use the modern equipment without any additional risks. Furthermore, all the equipment is clean and sanitary before they place it on your garden. This way they prevent various pests and dangerous garden diseases from being spread.
Keeping Your Garden Nice & Tidy and Sweeping up
They will bring their own extension cords to reach inaccessible areas and waste disposal bags to keep your property tidy and mess-free. Most companies leave without cleaning the mess up. But not us! The gardeners will sweep up all the garden waste and take care of it responsibly.
Extra Care
Our experts can also mulch, fertilise and plant, but these services need to be confirmed with the gardener in advance and aren’t included in our normal hourly rates.

All the gardening technicians hired by Melbourne Housekeepers possess the needed license, as well as the mandatory public liability insurance.

Want more? We offer a full range of local cleaning services near you!

Combine this service with some of the other ones we provide, like competent housekeepingoven and BBQ cleaning help or detailed carpet cleaning, and you will get a big discount.

Get a Variety of Gardening Services at a Great Hourly Rate

The qualified gardening experts can give you a hand with all kinds of landscaping and gardening projects, and provide you with lots of added value, like:

  • Licensed gardening service by Melbourne HousekeepersCustomer care by phone or chat
  • Highly customizable hourly-based service to include a variety of jobs, mowing, weeding, hedging and pruning
  • Gardening expertise from experienced, knowledgeable technicians – advice given on looking after special plants
  • Green waste, taken care of for free if there’s a green bin

Call us on +64388205448 to reach a customer support associate and make an appointment with a gardener or local cleaner near you today!