Affordable Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne

You have to leave your old property clean. Yet you have more important things to do right now than scrub and dust your former home! There’s a very simple answer. Set up your upholstery cleaning in with Melbourne Housekeepers.

The number to call is +64388205448 and our line is staffed 24/7.

You’ll book a package that’s been specifically developed for cleaning upholstery. All the jobs normally required by a furniture owners and all the common staining issues are covered. Work is completed according to a checklist and is covered by a cast iron guarantee. So you’ll have nothing to worry about and you’ll be free to turn your attention to your new home right away.

Your Cleaners Near Melbourne will:

  • Provide of all cleaning materials
  • Bring their own equipment
  • Remove stubborn stains and odours
  1. Call Melbourne Housekeepers using our 24/7 support line – +64388205448
  2. Describe the furniture pieces and their level of accumulated grime
  3. Get a free quote – confirm your booking instantly if you need to!

Suitable for Any Empty Home

  • Use our upholstery service for yourself or a friend in .
  • You pay a fixed price for the agreed work, with no time limit on the labour.
  • Add on window cleaning or carpet cleaning and you may qualify for a discounted rate on your service.

What You Can Expect From Us

An Expertly Delivered Service

The use of a checklist for upholstery cleaning in ensures that everything gets done. A senior team member double checks every item before ticking it off the list. So you can be certain that the work will always meet the required standard.

Insured and Dependable

As with all Melbourne Housekeepers’s services, upholstery cleaning is fully insured. So in the highly unlikely event of any accidental damage, you’re covered. Timing is often tight when you’re dealing with wet pieces of furniture that might take a few hours to dry. Our instant communication, promptness and efficiency will help to minimise the stress when you’re being pulled in six different directions at the same time.

Easy to Set Up

There’s no contract to worry about. No deposit to pay, You can set up your cleaning in a single call.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’ll get an email or text message to tell you when your service is complete. You’ll then have 6-7 hours to provide your upholstered furniture with good air flow so it can dry out faster. We’re confident that everything will be done as it should be. If there is any problem, your team will return to put things right. At no extra charge.

We offer a variety of cleaning services near Melbourne. Like end of lease cleaning, deep carpet cleaning and oven & BBQ cleaning. Give us a call on +64388205448!