Home Cleaning in Frankston

1. Convenient and quick online booking process
2. Highly trained and insured professional cleaners
3. Competitive and affordable prices
4. Eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a safe and healthy environment

Enjoy a Stress-Free Home Cleaning Experience with Our Customizable Services in Frankston

• Convenient online booking: Streamline the scheduling process with our secure and easy-to-use online system.
• Flexible appointment times: Schedule appointments to fit any day of the week that works best for you.
• Professional cleaning services: Our experienced in-house cleaners offer exceptional results and satisfaction every time.

Extend Your End of lease Cleaning in Frankston with Our Local cleaners

Deep Carpet Cleaning provides professional cleaning services to bring your carpets back to life. Exterior Window Cleaning gets rid of grime and dirt from the glass to make your windows sparkle. Mattress Cleaning freshens up and sterilizes your mattress to create a healthy environment. Wall Spot Cleaning removes tough marks and you can choose from a variety of colors for the spot repair. Upholstery Cleaning will leave your furniture looking amazing and germ free.

Get Professional Results with Our Move Out Cleaning Services in Frankston

What to Expect From Our Professional Move Out Cleaning in Frankston
Our team will pay attention to every detail in each room, making sure it is clean to the best of our ability.

Kitchen and appliance cleaning – Our cleaning experts will ensure that all your kitchen appliances are cleaned to a high standard. It’s essential to defrost your fridge and freezer 24 hours before the lease cleaning service. This will allow the cleaning team to wipe them down properly with the help of specialised agents. All usable surfaces, including cupboards and countertops, will be thoroughly wiped and cleaned to ensure a spotless kitchen area.

Deep oven cleaning – Our end of lease cleaning service pays special attention to the rental property’s cooking appliance, which will leave you amazed. Our team will meticulously clean the oven, making it spotless inside and out. Our previous clients have praised us for achieving unparalleled results and making the cooker look almost as good as new.

Living room/bedrooms cleaning – Our cleaning teams are dedicated to restoring your living areas to a pristine condition. We will dust and wipe down every surface, leaving no spot untouched. We will also vacuum and mop the floors to achieve a perfect finish, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Bathroom scrubbing – We know that the bathroom area requires special attention. To ensure a fully sanitised and polished space, our cleaning teams in Frankston will use professional-grade detergents to clean the shower area and toilet thoroughly. Additionally, all bathroom fixtures are wiped down with special detergents to leave them gleaming and fresh, giving you a spotless and hygienic bathroom.

Interior window cleaning – Our local end of lease cleaners will wipe the windows from the inside, ensuring no streaks are left behind. Please keep in mind that if you require exterior window cleaning, you need to arrange it during the booking, as it will come at an additional cost. Rest assured that despite the extra cost, our team will leave your windows spotless and gleaming.