Home Cleaning Service in Kew

1. Convenient online booking system with real-time availability.
2. Fully insured and experienced professional cleaners.
3. 24/7 customer support and satisfaction guarantee.
4. Flexible schedule and payment options.

Why Choose our Home Cleaning Service in Kew?

• Secure online booking: Quickly and easily book an appointment without making a phone call.
• Tailored service times: Select a time that best suits your schedule with our seven-day-a-week availability.
• Professional cleaners: Benefit from a high quality clean with our experienced in-house cleaners.

End of lease cleaning in Kew can provide a range of benefits for those leaving a rental property. One such benefit is the free cleaning of the oven, which is provided as part of the service. With this additional deep clean, you can rest assured that your rental property will be left sparkling and ready for your contract to come to an end.

Additionally, accessing the property is simple and hassle-free. We only ask that you leave us the key, either somewhere for us to pick up or give it to us upon arrival. This means all you need to do is make sure the property is empty and we’ll take care of the cleaning.

Finally, our team’s attention to detail is unparalleled. Rather than charging according to the hour, we will take all the time necessary to ensure that the property is completely cleaned. This means you won’t have to worry about missing any elements on your pre-established checklist.

Enhance Your End of lease Cleaning in Kew With Professional Services

Welcome to our Professional Move Out Cleaning Service in Kew. Our experienced team of cleaners are dedicated to providing a high-quality service to ensure your rental property is spick and span when you move out. We will pay attention to every detail in each room, making sure it is clean to the best of our ability.

Kitchen and Appliance Cleaning – Our expert cleaning team can provide a thorough clean of all your kitchen appliances, ensuring that they sparkle when you move out. It is essential to defrost your fridge and freezer 24 hours prior to the lease cleaning, allowing us to wipe them down with professional grade detergents. All surfaces, including cupboards and countertops, will be wiped and polished to an immaculate finish.

Deep Oven Cleaning – Our end of lease cleaning team pays attention to the rental property’s cooking appliance, leaving it spotless inside and out. We use specialist agents and cleaners to give your oven an exceptional deep clean, ensuring that it looks almost as good as new.

Living Room/ Bedroom Cleaning – Our cleaning staff pay close attention to all living areas, guaranteeing a pristine condition. We will dust and wipe down every surface from top to bottom, ensuring no surface is left untouched. We will also vacuum and mop the floors for a perfect finish, giving you complete satisfaction.

Bathroom Scrubbing – We understand that bathrooms require special attention. Our cleaning team in Kew will use professional-grade detergents to give the shower area and toilet an intense clean, ensuring a hygienic and polished finish. All bathroom fixtures will be wiped down and polished, giving you a sparkling bathroom.

Interior Window Cleaning – Our Melbourne team of cleaners will wipe the windows from the inside, getting rid of any streaks. If you require exterior window cleaning, please mention it during the booking process as this comes at an additional cost. Despite the extra cost, our team can guarantee gleaming and spotless windows.

We look forward to providing you with an exceptional Move Out Cleaning Service in Kew!