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Regular cleaning of your BBQ grill is crucial to its proper functioning, safety, and the taste of the food you cook. If you neglect to clean your grill, grease and food residue can accumulate on the grates and burners, which can attract pests like insects and rodents. This not only creates an unpleasant experience but also a health hazard. Furthermore, the build-up of grease and food residue can clog the burners and affect the flow of gas, which can lead to uneven heating and make it harder to control the temperature. This can cause flare-ups which can be dangerous. Additionally, a dirty grill can affect the taste of the food you cook on it. A clean grill will provide a better taste and texture  of your food.

Tools for cleaning a BBQ

Here are some tools and equipment you may require when cleaning a BBQ:

  • Barbecue brush – These can be used to remove large or loose food debris from the grill grates;
  • Grill cleaner –  If the grill grates are very unclean, you may need to use a commercial grill cleaner to assist remove stuck-on grime;
  • Baking soda paste – If you opt to use a bicarbonate soda paste to clean your grill grates, you will need a basin and a spoon or spatula to prepare the paste;
  • Sponge or scrub pad –  These can be used to clean the grill grates and the outside of the grill;
  • A rag – A wet washcloth can be used to remove any residual filth or cleaner;
  • Mild soap – If you choose to use a soap solution to clean the outside of the grill, you will need a mild soap;
  • Protective gear – Yes, even for BBQ cleaning you need protective gear. Depending on the condition of your grill and your personal preference, you may want to wear gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes.

You may not need all of these tools depending on the condition of your grill, but having a few of them on hand can make the cleaning process easier and more effective.

How to clean a BBQ step-by-step

  1. Clear the grill grates of any large food particles. To loosen any stuck-on pieces, use a grill brush or a scraper. If the grill grates are especially unclean, soak them for a few minutes in a solution of hot water and dish soap before washing.
  2. Heat the grill to medium-high. This will assist to burn off any leftover food residue.
  3. Using a grill brush or a scrub pad, scrub the grill grates. Scrub all surfaces thoroughly, including the sides and rear of the grates. If the grates are extremely unclean, you may need to apply some elbow grease to get rid of any stuck-on food.
  4. If the grill grates remain dirty after scrubbing, you may need to use a commercial grill cleaner or a baking soda-and-water mixture. Follow the cleaner’s instructions or prepare a paste by using 1/2 cup baking soda and 3 teaspoons water. Allow the cleanser or paste to settle for a few minutes before washing the grates.
  5. To remove any remaining grime or cleaner, wipe the grill grates with a moist cloth.
  6. Clean the grill’s exterior with a moist cloth or a light soap solution. Make a point of wiping off the control panel, knobs, and handles. If the outside of the grill is very dusty, a scrub brush or scouring pad may be required to remove stuck-on grime.
  7. Before using it again, fully dry the grill.

Remember! When cleaning your BBQ, make sure to employ all necessary safety precautions and protective clothing, such as gloves (and maybe even goggles).