Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Licensed carpet cleaners from Melbourne HousekeepersYou have a piece of expensive rug or carpet that needs a special attention? Trust us to deliver the most effective carpet cleaning.

Melbourne Housekeepers will get your carpets and upholstery the careful attention to the small details they need. Depending on the material of the piece, we have 2 high-quality carpet cleaning methods available. Alongside that, every stain & high-traffic area will be inspected and pre-treated with a suitable solution.


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Alongside the quality carpet and rug cleaning, delivering a timely service is also something Melbourne Housekeepers takes pride in. We take every single step of the cleaning process seriously and pay attention to details.

Carpet cleaning deal - from only $29 per room

Carpet cleaning deal - from only $29 per roomBefore the technicians pick a method, they will perform a fibre test to select the proper cleaning method. That matters because that way we’ll know how to handle the cleaning and get you even better results. The methods we provide are:

Dry Carpet Cleaning
Hot water extraction
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Carpet cleaners spraying the carpet with solutionBesides being prompt and reliable, the carpet cleaning we provide also comes with many more perks, like:

  • Trained and experienced teams of technicians
  • The most efficient cleaning solutions & methods available on the market
  • FREE, immediate price quote with no obligation to book
  • Flexible bookings with slots available after hours and on weekends
  • Customer support centre at your disposal, ready to handle all requests you may have

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